MUKTHI STUPI: The Scepter of Liberation



The first Nadi reading regarding the construction of the pillar at Mukthi Nilayam as given by the Sage Kaaka Bujanga.

I prostrate to the Lord who is the servant of all devotees; the Lord who is in Thirupaarkadal (Ocean of Milk), in the Holy land of Sothiyampaakkam-Paavoor, in Kanchipuram of the blessed Thondai region.

I am going to explain the great text, Siddhar Sivagama shastra (special scripture on temple architecture) in detail. Kindly listen.

The place where Angayarkanni (goddess Meenakshi) lives:
That which is at the outskirts of Pandyanaadu (Madurai),
That which is the Bhooloka Vaikunta, Heaven on earth,
That which is the bridge between earth and Heaven,
That which is called the sacred Melakkottai.
(the village where Mukthi Nilayam is situated)

She, who is living in this sacred land is known as Vasantha, the woman who has founded the blessed Mukthi Kottam, the kingdom of Mukthi, She is the one ruling it with divine grace.

She, who has become the half of God, has prayed and secured this boon from God to construct the Thoopasthamba, (the pillar) which is the Thoothu vayil, ‘the message gate’ with Sai Baba giving the Words of Truth.

My dear disciple Gorakka, kindly listen!

I, the one who is the Adhi guru (the first guru) of the world, Kaaka Bujanga, I am giving here the Jnana Shruthi (words of wisdom). For the reason that through the perfect Dharma Chakra Pillar (wheel of dharma pillar), the people of the world should be blessed with Mukthi.

In the Deva sabha (court of Heaven) Venkatesh Rajan performed penance and accrued Punya bala (the merit of good deeds) through which he secured, Mukthi Kohl, ‘The sceptre of Mukthi’.

I will show you in the path of Guru’s grace how to construct its reflection here, kindly listen.

I am blessing to begin the building work in the place in which she is thinking to construct it.

The soil of twenty-five sacred temples should be collected through the guru who is giving these words of wisdom.

Go pooja (worship of cows), Harishchandra pooja should be performed and the building work should be started.

Holy soil must be collected from twenty-five sacred temples.

Twenty-two must be from Harischandra temples which are the epitome of dharma constructed on my command by my disciple who is reading this Nadi.

The soil from the holy land of Kasi(Benares), the soil from holy land of Ayodhya, the soil from the holy land of Puttaparihi where the guru of grace Baba lives must be collected. These should be placed in the foundations under the earth.

On top of which, the dharma chakra which has been blessed by me, Kaaka Bujanga, should be inscribed on a golden plate and installed in the earth.

On top of this should be installed another dharma chakra inscribed on a wooden plaque made from a hundred year old Peepul tree.On top of this the dharma chakra should be inscribed on a black stone and installed. Then the pillar of dharma must be constructed on top.

Now I will give you the guidelines, kindly listen oh guileless disciple. I will tell you clearly the right path to climb on the ladder of Mukthi holding the sceptre of Dharma.

Kindly listen! When she has followed and completed the above tasks according to the instructions, Baba will bless with parijatha flowers.

By the blessings of Lord Anantha Narayana, the eternal Mukthi Nilayam will be built flawlessly:

* With the seed of bhakthi construct a twelve foot diameter circular base.

* Within this construct a hexagonal base, it must be two feet high.

* On top of this must be built a sixteen petaled red lotus.

* The lotus must be within a diameter of nine feet and be two feet high.

* Above this must be built the dharma chakra sceptre that will ignite the Jnana deep, light of wisdom.

* It should have six sections, each two feet in height making a twelve foot pillar.

* The pillar should have a three foot diameter.

* In the center of each of the six sections, from the top must be inscribed the Adhi akshara, (the eternal word of Truth), Sathyabhava’- become Truth.

* As the pillar is constructed according to these instructions, the Sahasrara must be built on top to elevate mankind through the path of Mukthi, holding the principle of truth and be three feet in height with a six foot diameter.

* On top of this a six foot diameter star must shine with brilliant golden light. This is the cremation staff held by the divine hands of King Harischandra, an embodimen of Truth. This is also the Sceptre of Truth held by the golden guru Baba.

Gods and goddesses, all celestial beings will gather together and shower their blessings and gifts of grace. A star will shine in the sky and bless.

Mukthi Nilayam will grow day by day and flourish, many wonders will happen, many arts will thrive. HERE, THE LORD OF PUTTAPARTHI, HIS DIVINE GRACE WILL PERMEATE ALL AND REIGN SUPREME.

The daughter of earth, Bhooma Devi will bow down and worship. Dharma will be established and flourish. The people will realise and glorify this as the world’s Adhi guru peetam (the primal abode of the Guru).

I, Kaaka Bujanga, have made you clearly know these details as they are in Truth.

When she (Vasantha) understands these clearly, she will drink the Amrita Jnana (nectar of Wisdom).

Even wicked alcoholics wil know the path of Mukthi and will be redeemed.

(The disciple speaks) Oh revered guru! You are continuously speaking these words of wisdom, kindly stop for a moment. I have a doubt. Please enlighten me. You gave the instructions regarding the Dharma chakra which has to be installed in the foundation, but you did not give the details of its measurements. Therefore, I beg you to kindly tell me about it.

My dear disciple Gorakka! You asked the doubt with love, kindly listen. You are writing the rules with love given by the Lord through me. I am telling you so that you know.

You must install circular Yantra chakras (special inscriptions of potent mystic formulas) of three ft diameter.

During installation you must chant mantra, Om ‘Sharavana bhava’.

If this Yantra is installed chanting this mantra with reverence and devotion, it will be flawless.

This reading should be placed at the feet of Lord Mahavishnu, who is the primal God source of Bhagavan Baba, at His temple in Thirupaarkadal in Kanchipuram on the day of Vaikunta Ekadasi in this month of Margazhi.

This reading is given with blessings, many glories will follow. The path of Mukthi to attain the Supreme abode will be laid in all divine grace.

It is for this reason I gave you these words of wisdom with the darshan of the Lord, through the Swarga vaasal (gateway of heaven). I bless you. My blessings will never fail. I bless you to truly attain the greatest virtues.

(This reading taken on the advice of Swami, was given on Vaikunta Ekadasi Day 2004 and confirms Vasantha Sai’s identity and her role in ushering in the Sathya Yuga. The year before on Vaikunta Ekadasi Day Swami gave the picture of the OM Chariot as proof of her role in securing Universal Liberation.)