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Mukthi (Liberation) will only be attained by sacrificing everything. There is only one way to liberation – Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Sacrifice.

Miracle Maya


Miracle Maya

Swami’s miracles are happening throughout the world. These miracles occur in order that people come to know about Swami, the divinity of His avatar.

Swami’s miracles happen in many houses of Sai devotees. Vibhuthi, kumkum, idols manifest and many other miracles happen. People make a bee line to witness such miracles. In some houses Swami speaks through the devotee and gives many messages. He teaches morals through quotes, verses and songs. The devotees enjoy the presence of Swami by these leelas. It is also said that Swami’s voice is heard on the telephone! They say that Swami asks the devotee to conduct service activities, advises on projects and instructs to perform poojas. All these happen by Swami’s will.

In some places Swami writes and gives many wonderful messages. He writes on books and photos, on walls, doors, pictures, clothes and so on. In this way Swami is performing many amazing leelas. In other places, He is writing on small chits. All these show the world the power of the omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent Bhagavan.

Some devotees say Swami talks to them and they can hear His voice clearly; to some He comes in their meditation. Swami also appears in His physical form in different places.

Though Swami speaks through many in His subtle form, the messages received could be tainted by the devotee’s own nature, likes, dislikes, desires, expectations, imaginings, etc.

Through these leelas Swami helps many people to solve both their physical and mental problems; many diseases are cured by His grace. Sometimes Swami rescues His devotees from danger by appearing in another form. There are many incidences that have been recorded like this and devotees have written many books telling of His grace.

How should people view Swami’s miracles?

Though Swami speaks through many in His subtle form, the messages received could be tainted by the devotee’s own nature, likes, dislikes, desires, expectations, imaginings, etc. If we want to receive clear messages from Swami, we have to purify ourselves and remove our ego completely. Only when our mind is purified will we be able to see the clear reflection of the Lord and hear His true voice. Those who are blessed to enjoy Bhagavan’s grace should be ever vigilant.

We have to convey messages in such a way that they will not bring any disrepute to Swami’s name. These messages should not contain the slightest trace of ego; we must remember always that all these happen only by His will through His grace. We are merely His instruments.

When we speak of Him our words should be chosen carefully and should not be improper. Before saying that we are close to Swami, we should think do we possess the qualities to be near and dear to Him? Bhagavan is in all but is not attached to anyone. He is the eternal witness.

These leelas of Swami’s happen in the beginning stages of sadhana and turn the devotee’s mind towards Him, showing them His glories. But what is happening now? Devotees are happy to see these miracles time and again. They should not be caught up like this and should instead look at the inner significance of the miracle.

Let us see the inner meaning for giving prasad to Swami. How carefully we make prasad! After bathing, we put on fresh clothes and cook the prasad reverentially. But do we know the inner significance of this ritual? We should make ourselves food for the Lord. Swami does not expect idli, vada or poori from us. He wants only Prema and Bhakthi.

In some places Swami writes messages; devotees go there and wait hoping to receive one. Swami is using all these leelas to draw those who do not know about His divinity. However to those, who know that He is the Supreme Lord, what is the use of seeing such leelas without looking to their inner significance?

Swami is trying to convey, “I am writing to show that you can change, rewrite your destiny. Do sadhana and become free from the fate of being born again and again. I have come for this, realize it. See Me within your own heart, follow My teachings. I will release you from your bonds. Do not miss this opportunity. No one else can take you to the goal.”

What is the inner meaning for giving prasad to Swami? We should make ourselves food for the Lord. Swami does not expect idli, vada or poori from us. He wants only Prema and Bhakthi.

Everything is illusion, realize this and free yourself. Make use of this Poorna Avatar and awaken to the truth.

In some houses it is said that Swami speaks on the phone to devotees, how amazing! You immediately want to know what Swami has said. Know the inner meaning; He is only trying to tell you, “Do not be deluded. I will talk to you on your heart phone. Call me! I am inside your heart. Turn your ears from external attractions and you will definitely hear My voice.” If you do sadhana and internalise the senses, you can hear Swami’s voice. There is no place for a third person to interfere or interpret. You can speak to Him directly. The Swami, who resides in you, belongs only to you. This is what Swami is trying to convey.

In some houses idols manifest. Many people visit these houses and are wonderstruck by these miracles. Some are given these idols to perform pooja. Those who do not get the idols become anxious and even jealous. Let us see the inner meaning of such leelas.

Swami wants us to know, “Do not be deluded, these are very ordinary leelas I play. I am waiting to change each one of you into a golden idol. Everyone can become an ‘idol’. I have come to show you how. Live life according to My teachings. Come! Come wanting Me alone. Renounce everything. Let go of all feelings of ‘I’ and ‘Mine’, I will raise you to My state.”

At least now, let us make an effort to free ourselves from the dirt of our desire filled minds and transform ourselves into God. Each one of us is God, we must realize this truth. Swami has said that miracles are His calling cards. What is the use of only collecting calling cards? You should catch hold of the giver of these cards and win His love. We should seek Him alone and not stop until we have attained Him.

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Swami has protected so many people, saving them from dangers, problems, disaster and difficulties. Those who have experienced His Love, should follow atleast one of Swami’s teachings, out of gratitude to Him. Those who believe that Swami is God and those who are benefited from Him must all take a vow -- Read more ... "

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In this book, we have seen God's great mysterious unfolding drama. Just as each person has their own point of view, the saints, sages and siddhas have written according to their viewpoint, angle and the extent of Truth revealed to them. Though each nadi is different, all describe the same events, but with the individual emphasis of the sage or siddha. Four main themes run throughout the nadis:

1.      Swami returns in the Sathya Sai form.
2.      Amma is Swami's Shakthi.
3.      Amma's body merges as a jyothi with Swami.
4.      The coming of the Sathya Yuga, the Golden Age and Prema Sai happens.

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