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Our feelings and thoughts become vibrations. Space is filled with vibrations. These vibrations are the cause for all that happens in the world; the good and bad.

Brahma Sutras



Sutra 1

‘Athatho Brahma Jijnaasa’



In the Rig Veda, the first word of the opening verse is ‘Agni’. It says…

‘Agni Meeley Purohitam Yajnyasya Deva Mritvijam Hotoaram Ratna dhatamam’

The Vedas glorify the worship of Agni, fire. Agni is verily Narayana. The first sound of the Vedas is Agni. Swami told me, “You have come taking the first word as your form.” The Vedas emerged from God. The Vedas emanated from the inhalations and exhalations of the Divine breath. They were heard by the sages who lived lives of righteousness, never slipping from the path of truth.

Fire is produced by striking two flints or by rubbing two sticks together. Where is this fire? It was latent in wood. Fire appears through the action of rubbing the sticks.

The fire latent in the wood emerges by rubbing two sticks together; this is then used in yagna. The first sound of the Vedas is Agni, heard directly from God. Swami says that the Vedas emanated from the inhalation and exhalation of God.  How does one qualify to hear the very breath of God? Swami answers this question in Sutra Vahini.

…they can be heard only by venerable sages who have attained knowledge about the Infinite Brahman and who have lived lives of righteousness.

The Vedas can only be known by the one who possesses the above qualifications. What are the Vedas? What is their role in the life of man? It is to regulate human life through the light of wisdom. The Vedas can free us from grief; relieve us from the cycle of birth and death and bring to mind long forgotten wisdom.




Sutra 2

‘Janmaadyasya Yathah’




Swami said in Sutra Vahini…

One has to know ‘That’ as Brahman, the source of origination, maintenance and disintegration of this perceptible cosmos. Brahman is the entity from whom this creation has originated.

This sutra helps us to know what was, what is and what will be the true basis for everything. It explains the principle of ‘Mahat’, the Primal Source, how it became the cause for the manifestation of creation and how it became the cause for proper regulation of the universe i.e. for the creation of the Sathya Yuga. This ‘Mahat’ is the Moola Prakrithi, the cosmic cause.

My Prema Agni for Swami, becomes Jnana Agni and will illumine the Truth in each and everything.

God has descended as Avatar. The descent of an Avatar is rare. When they do come, should not the entire world benefit? This is why I separated myself from the Avatar and was born as His Shakthi. I took the form of the first word of the Veda “Agni”. I am fire. I am the Agni, which neither touches nor can be touched by anything. Since I am born separating myself from Him, my effort to return to Him becomes the New Yuga.

The creation that emerges from this Vasantha Agni’s blueprint will also be like fire. In this Agni creation, there will be no impurities, dirt or garbage. All imperfections will be consumed by it.




Sutra 3

‘Sastra yonithwaath’


Man is born of feelings. While living in the world, he lives according to the feelings that arise in him. That which deeply affects the feelings become samskaras, the impressions in the mind. At the time of death, he carries this bundle of feelings as his life’s wages and goes to his next birth. In this way, he is trapped in the cycle of birth and death. The false attachments of ‘I and mine’ cause deep impressions in the mind. If these are removed, man will have the vision of the all-pervading Atma. He would see that God and the universe are One. The universe belongs to God. We wrongly separate it with ‘I and mine’. Instead, if we are constantly aware that all belongs to God, wisdom will be born in us.

The false attachments of ‘I and mine’ cause deep impressions in the mind. If these are removed, man will have the vision of the all-pervading Atma.

When the feeling that jeeva, Shiva and the universe are one grows and fills the consciousness, it becomes Universal Consciousness. I have come to demonstrate this principle of Oneness through the example of my life. The word feelings refers to ordinary human feelings. Omnifeelings mean divine feelings.

I desired to attain God. I wanted to marry Him. After having secured a vision of the Divine, I talked, laughed and enjoyed many experiences given by the Lord. However, I was not satisfied. I cried wanting more and more from God. I pleaded for a thousand hands, a thousand eyes and a thousand mouths to worship Him. Still I was not satisfied. I prayed that the whole world become like me and catch hold of God alone. I lamented and cried more. This led to the Vasanthamaya Universe. Now the feelings of one Vasantha have become Vasanthamayam Universal Omnifeelings. It becomes the feelings of 580 crore Vasanthas.



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