Spiritual - Question and Answers



  • Amma, How do I develop Love towards God?

Direct all your feelings, senses, and mind towards God. We think that there is happiness is worldly things, matters, and relationships; One has to realize that this is not so … All is temporary. Only God is truth. We should make Him our only Goal.


  • How can I as a spiritual aspirant be free from Karma?

It depends on how you perform your duty. There should be no self-interest or expectation, for the fruit of action, then no karma can affect you. If you experience any joy or pain, the fault lies in sincereity of dedication. It is not as simple as saying, “I dedicate this to you, Lord”. There should be total selfless surrender of a purified mind, ego, senses and intellect. 


  • Amma, I am very happy at Puttaparthi, having Swami’s dharsan daily. Why should I seek inner dharsan?

How long can you continue to have outer dharsan? Slowly Swami will withdraw, what will you do then? With inner dharsan there is more love, you merge with God. 


  • What is the sign of true renunciation?

When one's every thought, word and deed reflects the God in Him.


  • Amma, What is Maya?

All that keeps you away from God is Maya, illusion. Only God is real. God is truth, all else is false.


  • Amma, when I chant I feel I am doing it mechanically. What should I do?

Just keep chanting. Even if it is mechanical in the beginning, feelings will come.


  • Amma, do we get karma from our thoughts?

First the feeling arises, and then thoughts. You should discriminate before we should take action. Think, is it good? Will it help me to attain God? If not, you should cut it at the thought level, then there is no karma.


  • Amma, I am fighting with many doubts about who You are? Why can’t I go beyond your maya form?

It is because you are concentrating too much on my form & words. You are not using your feelings. Go beyond the form to the feeling, then you will realize my true form.


  • What is total sacrifice for one who joins an ashram wanting to attain God?

Sacrifice all your duties, your dharma for the sake of God. Sacrifice what you think is your duty. Your only duty is to realize God.


  • You are pure Love. How do we become like You, and remove our ego?

One pointed sadhana !!! No other thoughts have touched me but thoughts of God. There is no other goal for me but to attain God.


  • Amma, in the last two dreams I have had of Swami, He has been very happy but I see His form as my own. What does it mean?

That is your inner Swami … You are always happy, so He is happy. He is reflecting your nature.


  • There are many different paths in Bhakti Yoga? Which is the most beneficial for the ordinary man to follow?

The Lord says in the Bhagavad Gita, “To those who worship Me alone, thinking of no one else, who are ever devout, I provide gain and security”. This sloka is My life. Everything I say, whatever I do, whatever I think, I connect to God. This is how I taught my children … You connect everything to God. If you see a peacock’s feather, you immediately think, ‘Oh, this belongs to Sri Krishan’. In this way, whatever we do, think or say we connect to God. This connection is Yoga. It is the easy path. First you practice this, devotion will arise naturally.


  • How do we know if a person is God-realized?

If you talk with him for 5 minutes, his face blossoms, speaking about God!!! Even if you wake him up from deep sleep. He will speak only of God. Once a devotee woke me up and thought that I was frightened. I said, “No, it is Swami”.


  • Amma, what is spiritual maya?

For the one to catch hold of the Lord, he must cut through the Maya. Of all the illusions, spiritual maya is the most dangerous. The interest to know who you are in the past birth, desiring visions, possessing siddhi powers, all is unreal. Seek God alone, and not His gifts or creation.


  • What does it mean to see God within?

It is the true vision. It is true bliss. Nothing can give you that happiness.


  • Is one-pointed concentration a skill to be practiced?

Yes, it is a skill in the beginning. After long practice it comes naturally.


  • Amma, How do we focus our minds while performing our duties?

First, practice for 24 hours thinking only of God. Then, automatically our minds will become focused. Whatever you see, connect it with God. Whatever you hear, connect it with God. Whatever you speak, connect it with God.


  • Who is a true sadhaka?

The one who will not rest until he attains God.


  • How do I purify the body, mind & intellect?

Every thought, word and deed should be watched meticulously, so that they do not waver from God. Nothing should be hurtful. Chanting and other austerities can nullify past actions.


  • Dharma is usually about our obligation towards people. What is our dharma to God?

Attain God … That is your dharma.


  • Amma, Your path is the madhura bhakti path. What does madhura means?

Madura means sweetness. 24 hours a day, I taste the sweetness of God. This is Madura. Only when one has surrendered to the Lord, depending fully on Him, cutting all worldly things, can one follow this path. This path is most difficult. It is like walking on a razor’s edge. One small slip he can fall and go down. This path is where God is seen as beloved, like a husband & wife. One small slip and feelings of lust may arise; all traces of body consciousness must go.


  • Amma, I have been working hard to transform myself and to see God in everyone. But is so difficult. What more can I do?

Continue with your sadhana, sure it will happen but it will take time … The revelation of truth does not happen so easily. One has to be entirely pure. A clean mirror, free of the dirt of ego & desire. Only such a clean mirror will shine in truth.


  • Amma, You have told us to see the world as Maya. Now you are saying we should see this world as God. Which is correct?

First, you must withdraw from the world and realize it is all illusion. This allows you to go inside. Then you will begin to see that all is His leela, that it is He who resides in all. It is only He that pervades the entire universe.


  • If you feel someone has hurt you, should you confront them or keep quiet.

Be calm. Pray to God. They will change. It is always best to be non-reactive.


  • Amma, in my mind I know, I think that God is the indweller in all, but I am still seeing separate individuals – Yamini, Nicola, Amar, …

Yat Bhavam, Tat Bhavathi – As you think so it becomes. You have to practice & see God, God, God.


  • What happens when I am totally absorbed in work? Later, I suddenly become aware that I am not thinking God?

Only if you are remembering God, will you become aware like that !!! However, one has to practice continuous thinking of God. Swami said, if you first thought when you wake up is Swami, then you have been thinking of Him, even in sleep.


  • It is said that God puts us through many tests … Is this so?

Yes, Birth itself is a test.


  • Amma, what is prema?

Love for God alone is prema. Everything else is attachement.


  • What is Liberation?

Freedom from all bonds, sorrows, pains, disease and difficulties is liberation.


  • How do we free ourselves from attachment and desire?

Only by awareness ... all is maya. Only God is real. He is the only happiness. If we get this awareness, then we are free. No more desires.


  • What is sadhana?

Always thinking of God, every single minute … 24 hours a day. A half-an-hour or an hour is not enough.


  • Do heaven & hell exist?

Heaven, hell and earth are all your perceptions. It is all in your mind. Attachment and desire keep you in hell. Here in Mukthi Nilayam, we are in heaven. No attachments and desires.


  • You said that whatever happens is for our good. So, why should we try and change to become good?

You should make effort, discriminate, what is good, what is bad. Constant awareness, every second watch your thoughts. First the feeling arises. Then becomes thought. Before you take action, use discrimination – is it right or wrong? Does it take you to God? If not, cut it at the thought level.


  • Is meditation or sitting quietly necessary, if I am always in thoughts of God?

It is good discipline to sit calmly and think of God. It is not easy to do action all the time, and think of God.


  • What is dream? What is true? How much we can believe in our dreams?

All of life is a dream. Awake from this dream and realize the truth, all is maya. When asleep it is a 7-8 hour dream, but life is a dream. Attaining God alone is truth. When we awake from this dream we will realize that all is the Divine play of the Lord.


  • Why did the world come into existence?

To realize God, to enjoy God every minute.


  • Amma, Please explain about Purusha & Prakriti.

Brahman is changeless existence. It alone exists as the SELF. When Brahman was in that state, prema entered and immediately creation was willed, taking the Virat Purusha form. The Virat Purusha separated Purusha and Prakriti and the two began to shower prema; thus man & women came into existence. Prema is the origin and primordial cause of creation. It inspired Brahman to create. Brahman separated himself into two. One become truth and one love. Sathya became the goal and Prema the path.


  • What is Yoga?

Yoga is the union with God. You go to Yoga classes, but what can you learn there? True yoga is thinking of God 24 hours a day. Everything you think, everything you do, whatever you eat, even in you are asleep, you should connect to God. This is real Yoga, union with God.


  • Why do the good always seems to suffer? Saints and realized souls like Sri Ramakrishna had cancer, Jesus was tortured and Gandhiji was assassinated. You and Swami have suffered so much physically …

Their lives are examples for the world. They live to show the world how to live for God and how to go beyond body consciousness.


  • How can I get bad qualities to leave me?

Bad habits like drinking, smoking, etc., are easier to remove than those of a subtle nature. Every minute we have to be aware of our behaviour. We have to purify ourselves. Don’t find faults in others. Find the fault within yourselves. Then we will be able to change our bad habits. Cry to God to help you to remove all your impurities. How much I have cried. How much sadhana I have done to purify myself. We must do sadhana. We must purify ourselves then only bad qualities will leave us.


  • How do we evaluate our spiritual growth?

First purify yourselves. Purify your thoughts, words, and deeds .These are the “purity detector” … One Tamil saint wrote, ‘How to know your purity? I filled myself with God and God filled Himself in me’.


  • What is sadhana? Why should we do sadhana? 

There are three principles mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita.

♦ Impermanence of the body

♦ Immortality of the soul

♦ Man’s individual duty

What is most essential is to put these principles into practice. This is sadhana. When we perform actions, we get immersed in imagining how things will turn out and what benefits we will secure. Working selflessly and without expectation secures greater happiness because we are fully absorbed in what we are doing. Sadhana is selfless action that pleases God, offering all to Him. When every action is dedicated to God without attachment to the fruits, a great power is generated. It becomes Karma Yoga.


  • How can I do sadhana? 

If someone asks you, “When did you arrive?” Start thinking, “When did I arrive? From where did I arrive? Did I arrive?” If they ask, “When are you leaving?” start thinking, “Which is my place? Where Bhagawan resides, that is my place. But, how do I go there?” All can practice this enquiry.

Instead of indulging in worldly pleasures, the senses should be turned towards God; hear, read, think about God, see and feel His divine presence, taste His divine glories, talk about Him.

Sacrifice what you think is your duty. Your only duty is to attain God.

Perform every action with awareness that God is omnipresent.

Like fish out of water, have the intense thirst for union with God.


  • I do not have that intense thirst for God. Why? What should I do to have this thirst? 

If the mind is full of desires, the thirst for God does not arise. First empty the mind of Kaama, Krodha, Moha, Lobha, Madha, Matsarya (desire, anger, greed, attachment, pride, jealousy). Then God will fill the empty vessel with Truth.


  • What is Maya? 

All that keeps you away from God is Maya, illusion. Only God is real, Truth. All else is false.


  • What is renunciation?

When ones every thought, word and deed reflects the God in Him, that is renunciation.


  • What is Madhura Bhakti? 

Madhura means sweetness, Madhura Bhakti is to taste the sweetness of God twenty-four hours a day. Only when one has surrendered to the Lord, depending fully on Him, cutting all worldly things, can one follow this path. This path is most difficult. It is like walking on the razor’s edge. One small slip, we can fall and go down. This path is where God is seen as a beloved, like a husband and wife. One small slip may cause feelings of lust to arise. So, all traces of body consciousness must go.


  • How do we free ourselves from attachment and desire? 

Only by awareness that all is maya, only God is real. He is the only happiness. If we get this awareness, then we are free. No more desires.


  • Why did the world come into existence? 

To realize God, to enjoy God every minute.


  • Why is there so much pollution on earth? 

Thoughts and feelings that are externalized for worldly things pollute the five elements. Thoughts of God purify them.


  • How can we control the mind? 

Like Arjuna said, it is difficult. Try to control the five senses by drawing them inside. Do sadhana. Live only for God. Never find fault in others. See only good in everything. Then all will become God.


  • What is Prema? 

Love for God alone is Prema, everything else is attachment.


  • How do we free ourselves from the clutches of Maya? 

Have continuous awareness. Watch every thought, word and deed.

In the book on Yoga Sutra, I have said that pranayama is absorbing the Prana shakthi from all. How can you do this? Connect everyone and everything to God. See only the good in all; then their life force will flow into you. Never find fault with others. You should see the Truth in all and enjoy bliss.


  • How the Karmic Debt is balanced? 

I AM GOD’S SHAKTHI. GOD’S TASK is taking place here. Mukthi Nilayam and I are only for Avatar’s mission. Chaitanya, pure consciousness is going through the Stupi and transforming the world. It prevents Karmic law from functioning. My feelings of gratitude stop Karmic law from acting. Due to my feelings of gratitude, I ask for world’s liberation. The power of my penance balances the karmic debt, and stops Karmic law from working.


  • How do we attain the state of ‘Aham Brahmasmi’?

One first has to go on the path of devotion or bhakthi. Bhakthi at its conclusion becomes jnana, wisdom. It is said that the path of wisdom is dry. So bhakthi and jnana can be taken a sthe two guidelines for raching this state of ‘Aham Brahmasmi’.


  • What are the characteristics of a bhaktha?
  1. He has no hatred for anyone or anything in creation.
  2. He should be a friend to all and compassionate to all.
  3. There is no ‘I’ or ‘my’ ness in him.
  4. He should have equanimity in both pain and pleasure.
  5. He always has a sense of self-containment.
  6. He is not displeased with anyone and no one is displeased with him.
  7. He has no trace of desire. Whatever comes, he takes it as the prasadam of God.
  8. He is totally pure both internally and externally.
  9. He shows the same love towards all.
  10. He is always happy. Nothing brings pain to him. He knows no grief. He is ever blissful.
  11. Whatever he does, he dedicates it to the lotus feet of the Lord.
  12. He is fearless.
  13. He is silent – thoughtless of the world but with the thought of God.


  • How can you keep your senses under check?

Watch your senses as Swami often says, so that you can control your senses. If you are aware of where your senses are and what they are doing, then you can help them be with God consciousness. The first step for controlling the senses is not to have fear.

In order not to have fear, one needs faith. If one has faith and fearlessness, then one can surely turn the mind towards God. In order to turn the mind to God, one has to watch the mind and the thoughts. If we focus our thoughts on God, we get a lot of energy. One has to train the mind to be with God thought. If you practice this then your mind and the senses will not waver away from God.


  • What are the different kinds of Love or Prema?

There are three kinds of Prema or Love.

The first is self-gratification, the love dependent on your self-satisfaction.

The second kind is when you expect love in return. There is a give and take policy.

The third is the true love, which is extolled as Prema, and it is most selfless. It is pure love for God. It is only for God, for the sake of God and it expects nothing in return. There are no desires. There is nothing you want from God. It is only for God and God alone.



Highest Dharma

The highest dharma of man is to attain God. Only actions that are performed with this goal can be said to be dharmic. All else is adharma, unrighteousness.