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Mukthi Stupi - The Liberation Pillar


Your sacrifice and feelings of compassion become Amrith and open your Sahasrara. It comes out like a fountain. This is Amara-taaraka, the Star of Immortality. For the saints, sages and yogis Amrith drops fall within them. It gives them immotality. I showed the immortal star emerging from your Sahasrara. Sacrifice becomes Amrith. Amrith becomes Light. Light becomes vibrations and spreads everywhere. This grants Mukthi for everyone. You attract people from the four directions and take them upwards ---- Swami


Swami told Amma to construct Mukthi Stupi in Mukthi Nilayam during meditation in April 2002. He also revealed the physical details of the stupi.


In November when Amma visited Puttaparthy for Swami’s birthday, He asked her to start the construction of the Stupi immediately. Swami told to construct the stupi in front of her room in the Mukthi Nilayam ashram. The location of the Stupi is significant, with a meaning and purpose that, it will continuously absorb her divine vibrations and transmit them to the whole world. 


After knowing the significance and purpose of the Mukthi Stupi, Amma started the construction work, through Shri Ganapathy Sthapathy, a world renowned temple architect and vaastu shastra expert. Incidentially, all the Naadi readings about the Stupi also revealed some interesting details, including the date on which the  Bhoomi Puja shall be conducted and the process of Pranapratistha.


On the 5th March 2004 the foundation of the Stupi was laid out. The foundation vault was filled with the sacred items prescribed by the Naadis. The ashramites collected soil and water across India, from some of the holy places from Himalayas to Kanyakumari,  as well as from some of the holy places around the world. Amma has manifested and infused her powerful and earth-transforming Prema Shakthi into the foundation vault, along with the holy objects, explaining that all these are the symbolic representation of the 19 divine qualities of Radha.


After two years of intricate hand-carving of the super structure for laying a solid base, the main pillar installation was started on 12the Feb 2006. Six months later the Stupi’s main edifice was completed, with a huge stone-carved thousand petalled lotus, fixed over the gleaming white stone pillar and a huge golden star at the top, pointed towards the sky, symbolically connecting both the heaven and the earth.  


The Mukthi Stupi is constructed according to the sacred geometrical principles of Naadi and Vaastu. It is a majestic stone edifice with a height of 33 feet and contains seven sections denoting Seven Chakras of the Kundalini system. Its hexagonal base represents six divine virtues of absolute wisdom, absolute lordship, total dispassion, absolute wealth and absolute strength. It also denotes the six days of creation, which is the coming of ‘New Creation’, Sathya Yuga. Over this is the Pink Lotus represents Goddess Mahalakshmi’s Asana(seat). On the top of this Lotus base is the White Pillar. This is the center of the Stupi and it has six sections representing the six Chakras in the body. On the top of this Pillar is the intricately carved thousand petal Lotus denoting the opening of the Seventh Chakras, the Sahasrara. Above this is a huge Golden Star, representing the eternal life. It is designed in such a way that the whole structure shows the outer and inner physical and causal body of Amma.


It symbolically represents Amma’s awakened Kundalini and Her power to liberate the living beings from the karmic cycle. The star is a five pointed Golden star which represents the people who would come from the four directions and the sky as the fifth direction, indicating that they would reach the abode of God, the immortal world. There are five square shaped Prakarams (walkways) representing the energy of creation. The four stairways represent the four directions of the compass, North, South, East and West.


Mukthi Stupi is divinely designed for the spiritual upliftment of the entire humanity.

As a whole the Mukthi Stupi functions just like Amma. She transcended Her causal body into cosmic body. Stupi is Her Cosmic Kundalini. The avataric mission of Swami and Amma to give Liberation to all is now through the Stupi, which absorbs their highest divine vibrations and transmit the pure spiritual consciousness in order to awaken their hidden potential for the spiritual evolution.


Nowhere in the world we could find such a Pillar like Mukthi Stupi, divinely designed for the spiritual upliftment of the entire humanity and the transformation of consciousness from the mundane to the higher wisdom, liberation from the cycle of birth and death and finally leading to the creation of Sathya Yuga, the New Age of Truth.  


On 2nd Sep 2006, thousands of people witnessed the glorious inauguration of the Mukthi Stupi, amidst the chanting of Vedic mantras, in a spiritually charged atmosphere and received the blessings of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba and Amma Sri Vasanthasai.


As the saying goes, the ‘Greatest Victories are Least Noisy’, the unveiling of Mukthi Stupi – which marks as an important advent of Sathya Yuga upon the earth – is silently doing its work of individual and collective spiritual transformation of the earth and all its human beings, irrespective of whether they are aware of it or not.



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