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Feelings alone are responsible for bondage or freedom.


Sai Cosmic Womb



Editor's Note:

A yearning heart's calls and cries bring an Avatar to earth

73 years of one-pointed devotion make an Avatar take a new form

Boundless love for God and sacrifice for humanity ushers in a new yuga!


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Released on 1st Jan 2014

In this book, we have seen God's great mysterious unfolding drama. Just as each person has their own point of view, the saints, sages and siddhas have written according to their viewpoint, angle and the extent of Truth revealed to them. Though each nadi is different, all describe the same events, but with the individual emphasis of the sage or siddha. Four main themes run throughout the nadis:

1.      Swami returns in the Sathya Sai form.
2.      Amma is Swami's Shakthi.
3.      Amma's body merges as a jyothi with Swami.
4.      The coming of the Sathya Yuga, the Golden Age and Prema Sai happens.

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