About Ashram

 It is common to serve the poor and needy by giving free food, shelter, medicine and education.

Along with these activities, Mukthi Nilayam feeds the world with devotion and wisdom, filling all with the bliss of Liberation Here Itself Right Now! It is indeed a unique seva. Though subtle, the power is mighty, as many devotees will testify in India and around the world.

There are many wonderful proofs that the five elements are purified by the vibrations that are emanating from Mukthi Nilayam!

Prema, the Love for God, unshakable faith, and sacrifice set the soul free. This clarion call for renewal to the world is sent out by the power house of Kundalini Shakthi, here called the Mukthi Stupi. The Stupi stands tall declaring the truth that the purpose of human birth is fullfilled only by reaching God. This is Mukthi, Liberation. The power inherent in every human being should be used for realizing this goal.

As Sri Vasantha Sai says, "God alone is Truth, Attaining Him alone is dharma, everything else is adharma (unrighteousness)."

Daily Schedule



4:00 am Meditation
6:00 am Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Paduka Abhishekam, Aarthi
6:30 am Sri Ganesha Abhishekam, Stupi Abhisekham and Yagna for Universal Liberation
7:00 am Prasad
9:00 am Chanting Vishnu Sahasranama
10:00 am Satsang
12:00 noon Meditation
1:00 pm Prasad
2:30 pm Satsang
4:00 pm Meditation, Bhajan, Aarthi
6:30 pm Gita Chanting
6:45 pm Prasad
7:00 pm Spiritual Discussions
8:00 pm Arathi & End of the day

The one and only rule followed in the ashram is "Prema". Experience Prema and share Prema.