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We have to free ourselves from Maya. We have to sacrifice all. We should not have a single desire.
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Long Life to my Dear Lord !!!
Oh! Moon ... Carry a message
Every soul has a SAI
My Tears ... for You, Dear SAI
The Sai World ...
Will you help me ... ?
Karma ... keeps us away from HIM
Who gave Your beautiful form ???
When I call you ... Kanha !!!
Oh Kanha! Shower Your Grace
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Amma's Poems




Long Life to my Dear Lord !!!

Long life to my Lord, the Lord of Lords!
Long life to His crown of light
Long life to His merciful eyes
Long life to His sweet words of Prema
Long life to His grace so soothing to pitiful cries
Long life to His silver chime voice
Long life to His sacred hand that rescues all
Long life to His golden feet that give refuge
Long life to His path of Sathya
Long life to Him the Parabrahma
Long life to my Lord!


Oh! Moon ... Carry a message

Oh! Moon
Carry a message to my dear Kanha.
Will He accept me, I know not?
In His love I’m lost.

Oh! Moon
He shines in the temple of my heart.
This thief has stolen all thought
I melt, I melt being apart.

Oh! Moon
The world knows my love for Him.
You see how I long for Him
I wait, I wait please tell Him.

Oh! Moon
He will not answer my call.
The world knows how He stalls
I pray, I pray for my sweetest Lord.


Every Soul has a SAI ...

Prasanthi and Parthivasa are our own
Oh Man! Why are you so jealous?
Who is not attracted by Grace

Queens of Krishna beheld His name,
Gopis of Brindavan captured His form,
Now every soul in the world
Has a Sai of their own,
By the Grace of Him
All will truly transform!

Each gopi is blessed
With joyful feelings too, 
Happiness, sorrow, pleasure and pain.
Dedicated to the stealer of hearts.
The one who knows this Truth
Enjoys no other heaven!  



My tears ... for You, Dear Lord


Oh dear sweet Lord,
From the ever-flowing inner spring of my soul
My heart is flooded with desperate yearning for Thee

Sweeping away all thoughts and words
My tears overflow like the River Cauveri,
In its turbulent wake
Only the tormenting silence of separation
And the insurmountable distance between You and me.

My tears flood His feet
Yet He ignores my plea;
His love is my form
His name my breath
His thought my heart
Can you tell us apart?

I cry tears of sorrow in pain
I cry tears of joy in union
Restless tears, thirsty tears,
Happy tears, sad tears.
It is because of You Maya Madhava,
The Cauvery and Ganges
Flow from my eyes.





The Sai World

I sing a joyful number
In the path of spirituality         
The path shown by Valmiki
I tread on with difficulty

No darkness of illusion
No danger of twin action
No dark clouds of delusion
Hear sweet music of devotion

It is the dawn of Truth
The blossoming of spirit
Every place I see
Quiet in Divinity

On the tender bed of flowers
Lord Sai adorns the swing
Swayed by a delicate breeze
Sways the King of Kings

On the sacred Vraja bhoomi
At the feet of the Merciful Sai
Enjoying the touch of Bliss
My heart in heavenly Peace does lie.

A world without Sun or Moon,
This is Sai World!
A world in the joy of Bliss,
This is Sai World!


Will you help me ... ???


Oh fragrant breeze will you help me?
Will you go to my Lord?
He has forgotten me!
He has forsaken me!

Oh cool moon will you help me?
Will you tell Him my plea?
My dear Lord has forgotten me!
He has forsaken me!

Oh rain cloud will you help me?
In his thought I know no sleep
My beloved Lord has forgotten me!
He has forsaken me!

Oh stars of heaven will you help me?
At His feet I want to be
My divine Lord has forgotten me!
He has forsaken me!

I lamented in the nights,
Sending all those I saw as messengers.
The pain of Prema is unimaginable...
It cannot be described in words.






Karma ... Keeps us away from HIM ... LET US PRAY !!!


‘As you speak the name of Sai, all sins will disperse’
What stops me from seeing You?
When You are so near?
Is it my Karma like a blot on paper?
I am exhausted in the world of untruth,
Oh Saiesha, Save me! 

Let us pray for His grace.
His grace to annihilate the karmas,
Karmas keep us from nearing Him,
Even as He is within arms reach. 


Who gave you this enchanting form ???

My yearning calls and cries
Have brought Your blissful form

Prahlada created Narahari
My Prema created my Lord

My Lord, who gave Your body the fragrance of roses?
I, with the call of my soul.

Who made Your divine Lotus feet?
I, with my desolate cries.

Who drew Your enchanting face?
I, with the flood of my tears.

Oh! The beauty of Your bewitching smile
Is it not the unending reign of my love?

The redness of Your lips
Is the beauty of my devotion.

Your teasing eyes?
Your name in my blood.

Your dancing golden feet?
The music in my heart.



When I call you Kanha ...

My heart melts
To say Your name once!
Devotion floods every cell
When I call you Kanha! (Krishna)

Floods of joy!
Floods of tears!
As I call Your name again
Oh! What sweet pain!

The chant of Your Name
Is the fruit of my birth,
Oh, Nectar of Life Divine!
You are forever mine.

Long live the one ***
Who named you ‘Kanha’!

I call the name ‘Kanha’
The magnetism is instant
My heart breaks into song
His name makes me jubilant.

He is etched in my heart,
He has merged with my soul,
The stealer of hearts
Has won my thoughts.

In thousands of births
His name will ring,
His glory I sing
In thousands of songs.

I do not have a million hearts
To melt daily of worth
His lotus feet are the refuge
In my future births!

(*** I  thank and praise Sage Garga who named Sri Krishna ...)




Oh! Kanha! .... Shower Your Grace ...


Oh! Kanha
Thinking of You again and again
I suffer much pain
Singing of Your Glory again
I become thine.

Dear Kanha,
I have opened the doors
Doors of the heart temple!
Oh! Kanha
I am pouring divine love.

My pride swallows me
Without Your Divine Grace
The chariot of senses are mislead
I struggle in the forest of mire
And weaken day by day.

You are the Essence!
You are the Vedas!
Oh Lord! Ever
Shower Your Grace – Ever
Fill us with Bliss.



A Humble Request!!!

Take a Vow!

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Released on 1st Jan 2014

In this book, we have seen God's great mysterious unfolding drama. Just as each person has their own point of view, the saints, sages and siddhas have written according to their viewpoint, angle and the extent of Truth revealed to them. Though each nadi is different, all describe the same events, but with the individual emphasis of the sage or siddha. Four main themes run throughout the nadis:

1.      Swami returns in the Sathya Sai form.
2.      Amma is Swami's Shakthi.
3.      Amma's body merges as a jyothi with Swami.
4.      The coming of the Sathya Yuga, the Golden Age and Prema Sai happens.

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