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Experience Divine Bliss through the nine paths of devotion to God. Worldly relationships cause pain & suffering.


“What is Yoga? Yoga is cutting and connecting. Cutting is dispassion. Connecting is yoga.

You cut from all worldly things and connect to God. Yoga means attaining the Highest, the Lord.”

In satsang Amma summed up the elaborate teaching of the Patanjali Yoga sutra in two simple words, ‘Cutting and Connecting’. As always she explained the higher wisdom from her experiences. She said since her childhood she always connected all the objects she saw with God. How?

When she saw a peacock Amma would think, “This is Sri Krishna’s feather” A door would make her think that it was the door to liberation. The pillars in her home would remind her of the Narasimha Avatar. A gentle breeze would bring her a message from her Lord. The dosai in the frying pan was Lord Vishnu’s discus. In this way she would join all she saw with God.


Yoga is cutting and connecting. You cut from all worldly things and connect to God. Yoga means attaining the Highest, the Lord.

This gave us the idea to play a game called Cut and Connect. Each picked a chit with a word written on it and tried to connect it spontaneously with God. Here are some of the answers...

BUREAU - Be as you are; Bury ego awaken unity.

BISCUIT - Bind Sai, cut world;

COMPUTER - Contemplate on Her

GOOSEBERRY- Go inside... hurry

THURSDAY — Everyday is a 'thirst day’ for Swami

HOSPITAL — Heart Sai Petal

COTTON - Caught on Sai Love

CUCUMBER — Come to Baba's Beloved Radha

PANDURANGA — Bond to Ranga

TOOTHPASTE — I have a sweet tooth for Ammas Prema Paste

STUPI - Don't be stupid, I will take you high

EXPLOSION - Excel in Prema and shine

BATHROOM — Baba true Om

OCTOBER- Overcome calamities to be eternal Radha

WASHING MACHINE — Wash-sins-mind-shine

TELEPHONE - Talk less focus on One

MATCH BOX - I am boxing my senses, what match is this?

MEDICINE - Me die without sin

BANGALORE - Bring your Love

APPLE - Apply pure Prema and love everyone

SCISSORS - Sai source

All eatable that Amma prepare for the morning, noon and evenings, She place it as an offering before Bhagavan.  During these periods Swami Himself would give a spiritual meaning for each item. Some of them are given below: 

IDLI - ITLI - “Leave I, You are it (Atma)”.  When you leave the ‘I’ you become ‘It’.  “Tat twam Asi”.  I become that - that here is the Supreme Soul.  If we discard “I” in us, we too can become God.  So realising that the ordinary Idli has such an in depth meaning behind it, whenever we take Idlis let us remember this doctrine of Advaita.

DOSAI - ‘DO’ in Hindi means two.  There are two SAIs - Sathya Sai and Vasantha Sai.  When we eat Dosai, we should remember Sai.

ADAI - It is the antonym of Die implying deathlessness or liberation.  It follows the principle of antonyms Jnana-Ajnana.  Will we not now be reminded of God, liberation, salvation and eternity when eat Adai?

VADAI - V is Vasantha and Adai is Mukthi (as referred above)

UPUMA - Up + Uma.  Stand up as the Shakthi.  When I was continuously crying, Swami asked me to stop crying and realise that I am the Shakthi.

PUTTU -  ‘Put you in me’ - Put yourself in me and vice versa.  We should fill divinity into us.  With relentless sadhana of filling God within us we would become God.  In His thought we can earn a place in His heart.

SAMBHAR - SAI BAR - Immersing oneself in Sai’s Prema Rasa.  The Sai Bar stands already explained in my book Radha Krishna Sangamam.

SATNI - SAT + NI - You are the Sat (Absolute).  When we take Satni we should remember that we are the Supreme Self.

SUNDAL - Sun + Dal - Sun means Jnana and Dal implies Doll.  This means be a Doll of Knowledge.

MURUNGAKKAI - Drumstick - Swami gave this pseudonym to Sushmita (of Tanzania).  She is the kind lady who had purchased 108 copies of Liberation Here Itself Right Now and distributed them free of cost.  She bore the entire cost of books and the mail charges and did it as a service.  Swami said that this was a way of charity in the form of knowledge, which is a great service.   She was the one who placed details about me, the corroborating readings from the Naadis, the book on liberation etc. on the Internet giving wide publicity to Swami and me.  Since she had done lot of publicity, Swami had given her the name drumstick.

BEANS - ‘SAI - BEE’.  The Bee that relishes only the Sai honey.

CARROT - “Talking Parrot”.  Since Bhagavan is the one speaking to me He is the talking parrot.  When we eat Carrot, we should remember it as the Talking Parrot.

CAULIFLOWER - ‘Call Flower’ said Swami.  You are the call flower because people are drawn towards you by your fragrance of Prema.  You are the Call flower beckoning everyone through your Prema.  One should understand the truth behind this.  By showing steady devotion towards God, through that love many would be drawn towards us.  This is the reason why large groups of persons swarm the Saints, Rishis and Jnanis.

VENGAYAM (ONION) - “Union with Swami”.  We should get united with Swami.  All other unions are of no avail. We should bear this in mind.

THAKKALI (TOMATO) - ‘Towards Motto’. Set off towards your motto.  What is the motto of man? Decidedly to reach God.  One must start off in this direction.

THAYIR (CURD)- “Guard” (One who guards or steers us) - Since Bhagavan protects us from potential dangers, he our Guard.

THENKAI  (COCONUT) - ‘Go, Go to the nut’ - Go towards the seed (Beeja).  In Gita, the Lord Krishna says “Beeja maam sarva bhutanam’ (I am the seed for all beings).  God is the basis for all living beings, we should go towards Him. 

VAZHAIKKAI (GREEN BANANA) - Banana In Hindi means ‘to make’.  You make everyone a ‘green pasture’ through your prema.

URULAIKIZHANGU (POTATO) - ‘Turn to pot’ - Turn your vessel towards God.  What is our vessel? It is our Mind.  We should first empty the vessel.  It is now full of heaps of thoughts.  These are but garbage dump.  We should empty these off our mind.  After discarding evil natures such as anger, lust, greed etc and directing the mind towards God, He shall fill it with the nectar of His grace.

GHEE (BUTTER OIL) - Same as SAI + BEE.  You must be the Bee that tastes only the Sai honey.


NUTTIES - ‘No ties’.  No more ties.  Freedom from bonds.

BRINJOL - ‘Bring all to God’.  Bring everyone to God.  We must take all our belongings to His lotus feet.

WHEAT DOSAI - ‘It is not wheat dosai but Sweet Dosai’.  Sai itself is Sweetness.  Sweeter, Sweeter is the Sai nama.

DAL - ‘Sweet Doll’

LEMON - ‘Love every man’.  Love every one.  Be compassionate.

PAYASAM - “If you remove ‘ya’ from Payasam, only pasam remains.  If pasam (attachment) is removed, You are Atma”.  Attachment is what we have for the material things and people.

MOCHCHAI (A kind of field Bean) - ‘Not Mochchai but Mokshai’- You show the path to Moksha (liberation) that is why you are Mochchai, Swami said.

LADDU - “Not laddu but Lord You”.  You are God.  Swami often says that I alone am not God but every one of you is God.

VADAI - “If D is replaced with S, it would be Vasantha Sai.”

BREAD & JAM - The doctors of Arvind Hospital (Madurai) conducted an eye camp here.  We had cooked food for all.  We gave packed food to the patients while the doctors and other helpers took food there. Sushmita and her two children, Anu and her brother came over to render service.  Anu had brought Bread and Jam and these were placed as offerings to Swami.  At that time he gave the expanded form for Bread

B - Baba’s
R - Radha’s
E - Every
A - Atom is
D - Divine
It is not Jam but ‘Gem’.  Swami said that every atom of Baba’s Radha is divine and she is a gem.  We were astonished at this explanation.  In my book on liberation, swami had indicated that Swami pervades every atom in my body.  Here he had repeated it.

NOODLES - “No dull, be happy”, said Swami.  That morning Sharada expressed her anguish to me and said “Amma I am dull”.  On that day when noodles were kept as prasad, Swami mentioned this and asked Sharada to be happy.

Make every moment of your life divine! Uncover the sweetness of the Lord that lies hidden beneath the worldly exterior.

RAGI - Swami said ‘Ra’ in Telugu means come and ‘Ghee’ is butter-oil. You are the Ghee, he said.  He asked, “Do you know how butter oil is extracted”?  Man is the milk.  If is the milk is heated over the fire of spirituality, curdled with the help of sadhana and allowed to remain undisturbed, it would become curd.  Undisturbed implies keeping the diverting the senses turned inwards towards sadhana and when it is churned with the churning stick of Introspection, the butter of Prema shall emerge.  When it is again placed on the fire of test, it becomes butter oil fit for offering to God.  How nicely Swami has given explanation for an ordinary item such as Ghee.  Shouldn’t we all become the ghee worthy of God?

BREAD, BUTTER & JAM - If Bhakti is the Bread, we should apply the Sweetness of Jam on it.  Bhakti should ooze with Prema and Sweetness.  Butter is the melting.  Our Bhakti should be steeped with Prema and exude longing.  Bhakti will shine only when our prayers are tearful and fervent.

PUDALANGAI (SNAKE-GOURD) - ‘Pull you & you are divine Atma’.  Once the ‘I’ is removed, you become Atma.

PUMPKIN - “Mother of Baba’s Kin and Kid.

MALLI CHATNI - “Leave ‘I’ you are Mal”.  Leave the ‘I’ you become the Mal.  Mal is abridged version of Thirumal (Vishnu).

ORANGE - “If the letters be rearranged as O-ANGER, it would imply omit anger.  Whenever we eat Orange we must endeavour to shed anger.

GRAPE - “God Rises in Every Pure Atma”.

VEGETABLE BIRYANI - Swami has used a homonym in Tamil for Biryani viz. Piriyay Nee meaning your will never separate (from God).  Whenever we eat Biryani we must resolve that we shall never separate from God.

KURMA -“You are Guru Ma”.  Many who write letters to me address me as ‘Guru Ma’.

KALI (A sweet powdered rice pudding) - “It is not Kali but Kaali (Goddess Durga)”.  Swami has in the past several instances shown me the vision of fierce form of Kaali.   Those close to me know about it.  I shall record details in some other book later.

SOYA - “Not soya but saaya (means shadow in Hindi)”.  You are Swami’s shadow.  Radha is Krishna’s shadow.  They cannot be separated.

FROG  - One day a frog cried.  Swami said rearrange the letters as FAR-G it would mean God is not far off.  He is near you, he said.

VETRILAI (BETEL LEAF) - When Betel leaf, betel nut (Rose Brand) and lime were given as offering, Swami said, “Vetru Ilai means bare leave which constitutes this human body.  When Rose, the soft Prema and Atmic glow lime is added to it, the three undergo chemical change.  Just as these combine to give red colouring to the mouth, so does this bare human form become Atma when tenderness of Prema and Atmic glow are added to it.

(Taken from the book - Prema Nivarana Sai)

There is an enormous power in this human body.  When the body is infused with Prema and Bhakti, the Atmic glow flashes.  With this power anything could be achieved.  Our Rishis and Saints had achieved feats in this manner only.  What they had been bestowed was the same body as ours’. How did they achieve while we couldn’t? - We should introspect. Whenever we see Betel leaf we should question ourselves as said earlier.

Amma said in a later satsang that first we have to cut from the world; then we connect everything to God and in the end God Himself will connect with us.

Make every moment of your life divine! Uncover the sweetness of the Lord that lies hidden beneath the worldly exterior.



Why cut & connect?

We should cut the world and connect to God. When we do this, the Pranic energy associated with that comes to us. We should not find faults in others. We should not think of them also. If we do, our Pranic energy will go to them. By conserving our Pranic energy and protecting it, we can easily attain God.

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Human Potential !!!

There is an enormous power in this human body. When the body is infused with Prema and Bhakti, the Atmic glow flashes. With this power anything could be achieved.