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Liberation Here Itself Right Now - Part I

Liberation here and now is to be free from the clutches of worldly life whilst still in the body. The book shows Sri Vasantha Sai’s inner journey towards this goal. It reveals her supreme Prema bhakthi for Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

“When the love for the Lord reaches its peak, a Mirabai, Radha or Andal is born. The devotee is happy to live for the sake of God. Day and night she lives for her Lord. One moment she cries thinking of the separation. The next moment she laughs that the Lord is near her. For her, worldly activities or pleasures have no appeal. No attraction can entangle her. Her world is separate and unique. She creates a new world where she makes her Lord the Emperor and she herself becomes the queen and lives in it.”


Reincarnation of Radha as Vasantha Sai

In an interview with Professor S P Ruhela, Sri Vasantha Sai talks about her life of devotion and sadhana, her unique visions and meditative experiences.
“The feelings of separation from the Lord are the main theme of the many poems I have written from my young age. I always cry thinking of Him. I want to merge with Him. This is my intense desire.”


Radha Krishna Sangamam

Radha was in blissful union with her Beloved Lord Krishna. Sri Vasantha Sai tells in this book how we should use the human birth to attain divine oneness like Radha.
“In the naadis it is the mentioned that I will have the darshan of the three murthies and be blessed with their powers. These words have come true!

Liberation Here Itself Right Now
Part II

An individual soul realises oneness with Prakrithi, the Creation!
Sri Vasantha Sai speaks about many subtle truths governing the law of Karma, the nature of pure love for God and the secret of seeing God everywhere. Those who examine the book carefully will experience an awakening and desire to scale new heights in spirituality.
“In God consciousness, one gets bliss, ecstasy, Brahmananda. It is as if one has opened a locked door and been led inside; all the secrets of creation, the hidden meaning of Veda and Vedanta become crystal clear.”

Sai Gita Pravachanam

This book uses the practical experiences of the author to explain the slokas of the Bhagavad Gita. She shares with all the lessons of the great epic that the Lord Himself has taught her! The simple and clear presentation of great spiritual truths inspires one to practice the yogas in daily life!
“Our worries and tears cannot change what is predetermined. Shed those tears for God instead; convert worry into a request for His darshan. Instead of shedding tears for the world, shed them for God. Turn family attachment into Prema for God.”

Liberation Here Itself Right Now
Part III

The author Sri Vasantha Sai is a Jeevan Muktha, who has attained spiritual merger with her Beloved Lord, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. This book was written in the state of complete union, Sayujya Mukthi. It is one more jewel with her many divine experiences. It shows not only a new way to devotional life but also unveils many secrets regarding the Sathya Sai Avatar and Prema Sai Avatar.
“I have sculptured the form of Sathya Sai in my heart and have given it life. He is the Lord who has been given life by my love, my yearning, my tears, my soul and blood.

Brindavan Satsang


A selection of discourses by Sri Vasantha Sai recorded in 2002 at Whitefield. This satsang was after her merger in the state of Pure Consciousness with Bhagavan Sri Sathay Sai Baba in Vashista cave. Collect these pure pearls of devotion, wisdom and love for deep contemplation.
“Give love to the last breath, melt your body like a candle that gives itself to the flame, let the light of Prema spread throughout the world.”

Bliss Bliss Bliss
Part I

This book marks the beginning of the second half of Sri Vasantha Sai’s journey; leaving her ancestral home, she came to live in the Mukthi Nilayam Ashram. Her vision of the New Age, Sathya Yuga unfolds. The contents are different, a novel offering of the author’s love for her Lord.
“Normal beauty tips and therapies do not beautify the heart and mind. To remove the dirt and impurities that hide the atmic beauty, step into the Mukthi Nilayam innerbeauty parlour!”

Bliss Bliss Bliss
Part II

This book chronicles Sri Vasantha Sai’s first year in Mukthi Nilayam and takes the
reader on a voyage of bliss and wonder, yearning and courage, dispassion and sacrifice. Read also about the great revelations of Sage Kaakabhujandar on the pillar of Truth, the Mukthi Stupi built in Mukthi Nilayam.
“The Mukthi Stupi is the bridge between earth and heaven. The path
Of Mukthi to attain God is laid. Even wicked alcoholics will be redeemed.”

May 27 to May 27

The book sketches a year in the life of Sri Vasantha Sai when she had to face severe tests to her resolve. The author states that even diseases are divine and the suffering of the physical body can be used for the annihilation of the karmas of the world!
“The skin itching and weeping was more, especially during the night. Both hands were thorny like jack fruit skin. The whole night I cried, ‘Swami, Swami, the skin is
burning’. Even though I did not sleep, I would rise early in the morning to go for

Miracle Maya
Part I

… ‘Worldy maya, I know. But spiritual maya…what’s that?
This book is written to kindle awareness and discernment in spiritual seekers for removing the many obstacles on the path.
“Swami’s miracles happen in many houses. Vibhuti, kumkum and idols manifest.
People go in search of these miracles, but this alone is not enough. They have to
do sadhana quietly and see God within.”

Gita Govindam Again
Part I

The feelings of Radha and Krishna, but the forms of Sri Vasantha Sai and Sathya Sai
Baba. The author gives new meaning to Jayadeva’s epic ‘Gitagovinda’, through the
example of her own separation from her Beloved Sai Krishna.
“Rasalila was performed on cool moonlit lights in Brindavan. But here at Mukthi
Nilayam it was performed under the miday sun. Truth and Love joined hands and
danced the rasalila. It was bliss…great bliss!”

Prema Sai Premavatar
Part I

This book is a window into the future life of the Avatar before His advent on earth.
Who are His parents? Where will He be born? Will He be married? When and how will He declare His Avatarhood? All these revelations and more…
“What great bliss to live with the physical form of the Avatar. How would it be if the
Lord who is worshipped in temples comes in a human form and lives with you? What a wonderful experience to be born in the family of the Avatar!”

Beyond the Upanishads

The Upanishads speak of the ancient wisdom as revealed to the sages. Sri Vasantha Sai opens new gates beyond these established truths. Is it possible to obtain liberation for all, removing the karmas and deep impressions of many births? Discover how the power of pure thought of a simple village woman is changing the world. It is transforming Kali yuga to the Age of Truth, Sathya yuga through a myriad ways like ‘Vasanthamayam, Dressed for Battle, Samskara Operation, Food Vidhya, Vishwagarbha...’
“We should realise that the love we have for others is in truth, the love for the Lord who resides in them. This is the secret of the One becoming the many.”

Beyond the Vedas - the Supreme Absolute.
Prema Sai Avatar
Part II

What is beyond the Vedas? It is God, only God. This book shows how Truth emerges
from God and sustains the Creation. It is neither a story nor epic, it is an investigation into Truth. It is an invaluable guide, a storehouse of wisdom for all seekers.
“A desire surges within me that I must fully utilize the power of Sathya Sai’s Truth. He is the wish fulfilling tree. He can grant us whatever we wish. Should I seek ordinary things from Him? No! I shall use Him to remove the sorrows of the world. I must rescue everyone from the cycle of birth and death, the root cause of all sorrows.”

The Principle of Becoming God

From time immemorial man has strived to know the ultimate Truth. Many great souls have come to guide humanity and showed different paths. Sri Vasantha Sai’s boundless love for Bhagavan Baba makes herself the path for one and all. The book shows how if one turns every feeling that arises within him towards God, he can create a New world of peace and joy.
“Life is as feelings are.”

The Establishment of Prema
Gita govindam
Part II

“What is the use of establishing Dharma without the foundation of Prema?”
See the power of love for God which questions the Avatar’s dharma.
Read, be uplifted and join in the Prema revolution that is transforming the Age.
“Swami, you call us embodiments of love because it is You who reside in us. Every
animal, bird, insect, all are embodiments of love. Now I understand the true meaning of Your words, ‘Love is My form’. All the forms that give me bliss are You! There is no object or place or life form, where Your beauty is not. This is why love arises for all.”

Shiva Shakthi Principle
A Declaration

Sri Vasantha Sai’s experiences are extraordinary as they show the ultimate union of the body, mind and soul with God. It is a union of each feeling, every moment, in all places with God. This is the Shiva Shakthi Principle. The author has also given her direct perception of the Mahavakyas.
The final declaration in the book is a supreme truth that has not been revealed to man so far.
“Every human being has the power to attain God. There is Truth and Love in all. Truth is Shiva, Love is Shakthi. The union of these two is liberation.”

Last Seven days of God

Who can write about God’s final days on earth? Only the one to whom He Himself has revealed the secret. She is the one who wanted to marry God from childhood.
She is the one who is living in thoughts of God every moment, and will merge into Him as a jyothi.
Sri Vasantha Sai writes about the lucid visions of last seven days of the Avatar. The truth in her words burns all traces of ignorance and propels one to the goal of liberation. The book is a call to the soul to return home!
“Karmic law only applies to ordinary man. I do not have any karma. I am born here only for God. I am doing penance to experience Him. What is the use of going to heaven without achieving this goal? I am saying, ‘liberation here itself right now’. I want the bliss of union with God here itself right now.”

Sai Digest - Prema Sai
Part III

The boundaries of Truth are not restricted to time, place, name or form. Only the one who hungers to know the Lord, in His Absolute state, can show Him to others. The author cuts through codes of belief, which have limited man’s capacity to grasp Truth. The book prepares man for life in the Sathya Yuga.
“I drink only Sai nectar. I want it to fill all in the world. All in the world are my children. They are not able to digest the Truth that I eat; it is very difficult for them. First I will eat, digest and then give it to them in a form they can absorb easily.”

Brahma Sutra

What is the purpose of the scriptures? It is to awaken the Truth of Self. This unique book illumines the path to Knowing, with the lamp of understanding. It is not an intellectual commentary on various principles, but revelations based on one absorbed in the Brahman.
Who is writing this Brahma Sutra? Agni, the first sound of the Vedas takes birth as a human being, Vasantha. She lives a whole life as Sadhana. After attaining the state of Brahma, she creates a universe like herself, full of fire and light. In the final stages of Sadhana she expands as Infinite Brahman and writes the Brahma Sutra.”

Shiva Sutra

From the deepest despair has emerged the brightest ray of hope for the world. It is only under the press that a flower yields its fragrance.
Read the Author’s wisdom that shone through her many dark hours. The fruit laden tree received the heaviest blows, but was protected by the Lord. This book has been published by Swami’s Will…though some may have tried to hinder this. Swami has commanded that these revelations be made known to show the triumph of truth over untruth.
… And Swami said, “Every letter that pours forth from this form will illumine the world with the Fullest of the Full Supreme light. These Prema writings will spread immeasurable love, peace and prosperity in the world. This is the journey from earth to heaven. No, no…this is the Prema effort to bring the heavens to Earth.”

The Sathya Yuga and Karmic Law

There are only twenty eight years remaining to perfect ourselves, before the start of the Sathya Yuga. If we do not take this golden opportunity we will have to be reborn with our balance of Karmas, which will be waiting for us when the second Kali Yuga dawns in a thousand years time! How to escape from a Kali fiercer than this one?
… ‘I do not want to gather a following. I do not want name or fame. I only come here to take everyone to liberation, so come and join. Awake! Arise! Begin now. This Avatar will not come again. Do not miss this opportunity. Renounce everything. Want nothing. God alone is permanent. He alone is bliss. Forget everything else. This is a rare chance. Come, come and join with me. We start our journey to a New dawn’.

Autobiography of ‘I without i’


What is the Autobiography of one who has no ‘i’? This is the account of the life of one who has lived in constant communion with God. Where then is place for individuality? There is no place! Read and be inspired.
Who am I? I am ‘I without i’ always guided by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The ‘I’ of ‘I without i’ is Swami. He is in me, speaking with me and showing me the path. I do not know anything. Only when He tells me do I know. This is ‘I without i’. Only Swami, His Prema is functioning in me.

Karmic Law Remedy


Has anyone ever written a remedy book for karmic law? It is only now, at this crucial time in mans history that a remedy for Karmic law is so desperately needed. Yes the greatest Avatar and His Shakthi have descended to rescue man, but what part must man play at this time when the very Ages are about to change and the Sathya Yuga dawn.
When I say I am Vasantha, I am limited to a name and form; differences arise. I think that only those connected with this name and form are mine and the rest are separate from me. Separation is the cause for Karma. If it is realised that I am in all and that the one Atma has become the many, we will become free birds.



“This book is a compilation of three books. In the Task of the Avatar, I write about the mission of the Avatar Sri Sathya Sai Baba. In God and His Consort, I write about the eternal bond between God and His Consort, how only His Consort can marry Him and how their union gives birth to a New Creation. In Chaitanya, I write about the all-pervasive consciousness, which functions as special grace for Universal well being.”

The Adi Moolam, Primal Soul and Adi Shakthi, Primal Power are Sathya Sai and Vasantha Sai in name and form. They have descended on Earth to shower Prema on each other. These two expand as the Universe, losing name and forms. In fact, it is the nature of Sathya and Prema to expand.
In which place can it be contained? It is all pervasive. In which time can it be contained? It is beyond time. What is its action? It has countless name and forms and innumerable actions. This is the Sathya Yuga. This is the New Age. The Age in which God and His Shakthi will live.

Ten Avatars in One


In this peak of Kali, when man has descended to the level of an animal, the Lord does not incarnate in His usual form. He comes as ‘Ten Avatars in One’. To transform man to the God state, a combination of all His other incarnations are needed. This is the mission of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the Primal Soul and His Shakthi, the Primal Power. They, who have never descended before, are here right now in Totality. Read this book, contemplate and decide how you can make best use of this unique opportunity.

Swami is the one Avatar who has all Avatars in Him. No matter how much we write His glories, they will never come to an end or finish!

Taste and Vasana


It is vasanas or tendencies that are the cause to man to be repeatedly caught in the cycle of birth and death. These cravings cut a deep groove from which is he unable to escape. Yet how are the vasanas of one who is able to usher in the New Age? How does her taste for God become the Sathya Yuga? The second book describes how the jeeva bud blossoms into full divinity, bringing with it a ‘New fragrance’ that will verily pervade for the next thousand years as the Sathya Yuga.

Swami I want to taste each of Your limbs, every organ. I want to taste each hair on Your head. Your face, Your forehead, Your eyes, Your nose. The water from Your eyes, from Your nose, Your mouth, Your saliva, Your sweat. Your feet… I want to taste every part of You…

Divine Stories


The tradition of storytelling exists in every culture. Here is a collection of stories that are filled with timeless wisdom suitable for both young and old and for all religious and cultural backgrounds. Each contains the unique stamp of the author, which will delight both her existing readers and those new to her works.

There are ten animals living in each man. If a man had only one animal quality it would be easy to remove. Because there are ten it is very difficult. It is for this reason the Avatar, who is ten Avatars in one has descended. He is full of mighty powers. He is here to change all. If one Avatar came, He would not be able to change the people, so 10 in 1 are required.

Living Gita- My Father's Diary


Many have written commentaries on the great Hindu classic the Bhagavad Gita. Who though has lived each verse, making it the basis of their life? Here we have a glimpse into the life of Sri Vasantha Sai’s father. All know of his deep love of nation, culture and God. Now through excerpts from his private diaries we glimpse the outpourings of a jeeva yearning to attain Paramatma. Reading his poignant words, we can understand how Vasantha Sai was born into his family. Madhura Kavi Azhwar was a living Gita!

My father experienced all his own feelings through the verses of the Gita. By calling on Kanna to rescue him. He became Arjuna. In each verse he not only identified with Arjuna’s feelings on the battle field, but merged in Arjuna, becoming him. It is in this way, he practiced the Gita through his feelings. As I am born from him, his feelings came to me.

Anand Sutra


All who are born on this earth are searching for bliss. But do they know what real bliss is? All are looking for bliss in the temporary objects and transient relationships and so are ever caught in the cycle of birth and death. What is permanent bliss? How do we find it? How to discriminate between that which will free us and that which binds? This is man’s eternal predicament. Read this book and find the answer to the questions and attain eternal bliss.
All are telling ‘Bliss, Bliss’ but what is this bliss that keeps us bound in the worldly life?
11 July 2008 Evening meditation
Vasantha: Swami, I have no interest in anything, nothing is touching my mind. All are asking me write about Ananda. How to write about bliss, when I do not have any?
Swami: All in the world experience bliss, but it is not real. Real bliss is only within. Without God there is no Ananda in anything. You desire bliss directly from My physical form. This is for New Creation. As you desire this Ananda from My physical form, the New Creation will take form physically.

Thought for the Day


What are the thoughts of one who has no thoughts? They are only God thoughts. These pearls taken from the ocean of wisdom and should not only be merely read, but more importantly practiced in our life.
November 23
“The power of sacrifice reveals Truth.”

How the Sathya Yuga is Coming


Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has descended with His Shakthi to usher in the Golden Age of Truth, where all men will live as free souls, unbound by karma and kaama, the cause for his birth. Yet, how will this age be that is born directly from God? Why is this New Age coming? How is it able to come at this time? Sri Vasantha Sai’s unfolding of the cosmic drama is an unparalleled vision of Avataric descent and the expansion of Consciousness, Prema and Truth. Swami Himself selected the chapters of this book from both the published and unpublished works of Sri Vasantha Sai.

The Kali Yuga changing to the Sathya Yuga is making Prema’s power visible.

Vasantha Sai Satcharita


What is Satcharitha? It means true life story. This is the true life story of one half of God, His Shakthi, by the other half of God, Shiva. It is Swami who indicated what and how to write. It is He who propounds the Truth here in this book. It is unlike any other book you have read. The boon it bestows is not worldly, but will release you from the cycle of birth and death. The words herein are the keys to liberation.

For the two days, I have been crying more as I am not able to see Swami. Swami said,
Swami: Let us go to Swarga. What shall I do for your Prema? I will write ‘Vasantha Sai Satcharita’. I will write a Prema Epic. Narada also cannot write. I Myself will tell every day like an epic. Then you explain and give further explanation. Now leelas have finished, the epic begins.
Vasantha: What is this that you are telling Swami?
Swami: Men, Devas, no one can write. I gave you the 108 names. I gave the mantra, I gave the arathi. Now I will write your epic.

Brahma Sutras

Bad thoughts cause worries and suffering, which become deep impressions. Deep impressions are nothing but Karmic law. Accordingly, we again take birth.