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Amma and Radha

Andal dreams her marriage with God, her heart longs for union with Him.The Lord was pleased with Andal's devotion. He asked her to come dressed as a bride and merged her in Him. Radha and Krishna did not marry. Radha cannot be satisfied with such a marriage. She did not want an ordinary married life; she did not want to live in the physical world. She only wanted to be one with Krishna, blood to blood, life to life. Krishna is in every cell of her body. In the same way she wants to merge in each cell of Krishna's body.

This entire universe is Krishna. There is no place that He is not. There is not one grain of sand, not one blade of grass, not one tree, animal or bird where He is not. Wherever Krishna is Radha must merge with Him. This is Radha! This is her desire; it is for this that she is in a sea of tears.

Readers, you tell me now... does Radha have body attachment? Is the Prema of Radha and Krishna based on physical attraction? Is it for marriage? Is it born of lust? Is it ordinary human love? Is it just divine love? What is it? Tell me! Why does the world misunderstand their Prema? It can only be said that people immersed in body consciousness do not know anything beyond it.

Radha and Krishna have come now for Universal well-being, to redeem the people from the sea of worldly life. It is to bestow Mukthi on all. Radha Krishna Prema is not something ordinary. It is not for leading a mundane family life. It is for changing the entire world. The power of their Prema will usher in the Sathya Yuga. Do not try to measure that Supreme power which is going to change the Kali Yuga to the Sathya Yuga.

One's feelings should be entirely centered on God. Whatever one speaks, whatever one eats, whatever one thinks, wherever one goes, if his sight is centered on God, he will not be touched by the world. My life shows this.

From a very young age I cherished the desire to marry Lord Krishna. This burning desire continued to grow into a great fire, yet was not satisfied. An ordinary marriage took place and children were born, but still my mind would not attach itself to anyone or anything. My thoughts were always of my Lord and the craving for Bhagavan broke all boundaries. I continuously cried out, “I want Swami! I want Swami!”

Finally after sixty years of sadhana, Swami called me to the Vashista Cave and there made me merge with Him. This is the spiritual marriage of jeevatma with the Paramatma. Bhagavan is Sathya. I attained Him by wanting God alone and by showering my endless Prema on Him. This is the story of the marriage of Sathya and Prema.

When one thinks exclusively of the Lord, it is Atma kaama. To acquire this state one should practice Nishkaama.

There was only one path for Sri Andal; she wanted to marry the Lord. On her journey to attain and merge with Him, she did not have to face the obstacles that I have had to endure; she was able to shower her Prema on Him freely.

My life has been exactly the opposite. It has been full of struggles. I was compelled to detach myself from the bonds of marriage, children and family. I finally attained God, untouched by the sea of family life and by doing sadhana for sixty years. Why did Bhagavan make me live that life? Why was  I not allowed to be like Andal and live only for the Lord? It was for the reason that I could perform intense penance.

When one thinks exclusively of the Lord, it is Atma kaama. To acquire this state one should practice Nishkaama. The Bhagavad Gita states that Nishkaama is to perform all actions without attachment. Practicing in this way, the state of Atma kaama be attained. This is where one desires only the Self.

One who attains this state becomes pure consciousness and merges with the Lord. You may wonder how I am still living after having merged with God. The reason is that I still have two desires that are not fulfilled. One is that the whole world should be granted liberation and the second is that the physical body should merge with God. These two desires are yet to be fulfilled and that is why I am still living in this world. I feel even more sadhana is required!

When an individual sacrifices all for the sake of God, showering limitless Prema on Him, an immeasurable power is attained. The union of Truth and Love creates an infinite power, the power that will lead the whole world to liberation!

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In this book, we have seen God's great mysterious unfolding drama. Just as each person has their own point of view, the saints, sages and siddhas have written according to their viewpoint, angle and the extent of Truth revealed to them. Though each nadi is different, all describe the same events, but with the individual emphasis of the sage or siddha. Four main themes run throughout the nadis:

1.      Swami returns in the Sathya Sai form.
2.      Amma is Swami's Shakthi.
3.      Amma's body merges as a jyothi with Swami.
4.      The coming of the Sathya Yuga, the Golden Age and Prema Sai happens.

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