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Who is Amma?

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Vasanthasai Mantra Chanting

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Mukthi Stupi - A short documentary

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Swami singing about Radha's devotion

Pata Paduma
Pata Paduma Krishna Paluku Tine Lolukunatula
Mata Laduma Mukunda Manasu Thiraga
Veda Saramantha Tisi Nagarupamuganu Marchi
Vinuvandu Thirugabosi Ganarupamuganu Maku


Oh Krishna! Sing a song like sweetness of nectar (amrit) flows.
Oh Mukunda! Talk with me till my heart satisfies.
Oh Krishna! Sing the essence of the Vedas in a musical rhythm from the Divine Flute.

Sweeter than sugar, tastier than curd, sweeter indeed than honey is the Name of Krishna.
Constant repetition of this sweet Name gives one the taste of divine nectar itself.
Therefore, one should contemplate on the Name of Krishna incessantly.
(Telugu Poem)

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Since ancient times, the nectarous principle of Krishna has fascinated young and old alike. Right from His advent Krishna made people forget themselves in ecstasy with His Divine pranks enchanting music and inexpressible bliss.

When Krishna lifted the Govardhana mountain it was a matter of celebration. The unmarried Gopikas performed Varalakshmi Vratam. Even now ladies perform Varalakshmi Vratam. Radha was a great devotee. But those who did not believe in the Divinity of Krishna subjected her to a lot of hardships. Even in those days there were atheists. Atheists, theists, theistic-atheists and atheistic-theists are present in every age. The atheists put Radha in a house and locked it from outside. (Taking this theme I wrote a drama and got it enacted by children.) They felt Radha's "family reputation" was being tarnished because she was going behind Krishna. They wanted to stop her from doing so. Hence she was locked up in the room. She started crying and praying.

Krishna heard her prayers, opened the doors and released her. He chided those people saying "Is this the way you treat a devotee? It is all right if you have no devotion to Me. But it is a great sin to harass a devotee."

Krishna took Radha with Him. Radha then prayed to Krishna to play a song on His divine flute.

"Sing a song Oh Krishna! With each word dripping with honey, and talk to me to my heart's content.
Take the essence of the Vedas, let it flow through your divine flute and transform it into a melodious song.
Sing a song Oh Krishna..."
(Telugu Song)

Listening to His melodious music, Radha breathed her last. From that day Krishna never touched His flute again.

-- Sathya Sai Baba Discourse 31st August 2002

Video Courtesy: aadmia



Amma Speaks ...


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Andal Kalyanam @ Mukthi Nilayam

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