Vishwa Brahma Garbha Kottam - The Temple of Vedas

How it all began?

In December 2009,a picture of a temple dome was found in one of Amma’s books. In her meditation, Amma asked Swami about this picture. Swami told, "I have drawn the dome of a temple Garbha Griha. It is supported by four pillars. These represent the four legs of dharma. The petals above the pillars indicate the thousand petaled sahasrara. The symbol in the middle shows the unity of all religions. All religions will come under the one umbrella of God. All will become embodiments of Love. People will live as children of God". Swami told that a new building should be constructed with a dome like this in Mukthi Nilayam.

For further details, Swami asked Amma to refer a particular nadi reading.

As per Swami’s command, the Kakabhujandar Nadi was referred, and to the amazement of all, every minute detail about the construction of the temple and its significance was found. The Nadi referred to this new building as “Viswa Brahma Garbha Kottam”. Also it is called as the “Temple of Vedas”.

The temple has been built within 10 months. The Bhoomi pooja (laying the foundation stone) for the temple was performed on January 25, 2010. Consequently, the Kumbhabhisekam (temple consecration) was performed on October 21, 2010. The Paduka Prathistha ceremony (installation of the Holy Sandals of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba) was performed.


Notes by Sri Ganapathy Sthapathi, a world renowned temple architect:

Benefits of the “Temple of Vedas”