Prema Bhakti


What does "Radha Krishna Sangamam" imply?It denotes the Union of Jeevatma with Paramatma. This takes place for each and every living being, be it a plant or an animal or human being. The theory of evolution states that every Jeevatma elevates to the level of mankind after evolving into different forms like grass, animals etc. This human birth is the rarest gift by God, as human beings are endowed with the sixth sense, power of Discrimination and can strive for to attain the Ultimate Union with the Almighty. This Jeevatma-Paramatma Ikhyam takes place in all yugas.

Radha Krishna Radha represents Jeevatma, Krishna represents Paramatma. Krishna is the ultimate reality. By His divine will, this single Paramatma manifests in two forms, "Purusha" (Divinity) and "Prakrithi" (Nature), which commences the evolution of this Universe. 'Om' appears first, followed by Five Bhoothas (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind & Sky followed by other forms of life. At the end of universe (Pralaya), 'Purusha' and 'Prakrithi' merges in 'Purushothama' (Ultimate Reality). This cycle of evolution takes place over and over again.

What is the purpose of this life? Is it to end in death after each birth? How much have I eroded by successive births and deaths? "..... So laments an Alwar (Vaishnawaite saint).

The cycle-to be born, to eat, to live, to enjoy, to cry, to die and only to be born again is a never-ending one. Is it the only purpose of life? Is there a way out of this cycle? Why not? Saints and Seers have shown a path to overcome this misery. The only path of Liberation is through "Bhakthi" (Devotion to God). There is no better route. Each one must contemplate and choose the path leading to enlightenment.

"It is possible to attain this Liberation now and here with effect. Puranas, Bhagavath Gita and Upanishads are guiding lights in this path of Self-Realization. Spiritual awakening comes to every human being. Those who give importance to the same, being the process of Self-analysis. By constantly contemplating on God, he seeks His Guidance. None can be dearer to God than a true devotee. God comes to the rescue of such a devotee and guides him in the path of Self-Realization. My life also resembles this path. Swami had told that I represent 'Prakrithi'. In my book 'Liberation - Here itself Right Now', I have explained the words of Sri Bhagavan that I represent 'Prakrithi' and that Sri Bhagavan and I are two sides of the same coin." -- Amma