Sathya Yuga – The Golden Age of Truth:

Swami says, “When the Golden Age dawns there will be harmony through out the world and love will flow everywhere… Today the seeds are still in the ground slowly germinating. Let the divinity within shine forth and become one of the beacons to light up the world and hasten the arrival of the new Golden Age. It is there now for some, those enlightened souls who have already reached the state of God realization. It is that awakened state that will lead to the new age.”

Jeevan Mukthas in Sathya Yuga:

Sathya Yuga is the reign of Righteousness. Righteousness is the law of the land. Every root and blade of grass grows according to the law of Righteousness. When even the grasses follow Righteousness, there is no question about the Righteousness of human beings. Here the Vedas are the houses, the Upanishads, the streets. The Gods are the human beings themselves. The rivers are Prema. The mountain peaks are sacrifice.

There is no oxygen for breathing. Mukthi is the air they breathe. The rain that falls is the Rain of Grace.  There is only one God, God Almighty.

In the empire of Sai, all people are Jeevan Mukthas. All are divine aspects of the Parabrahma. Showers of His Grace rain down on the land. The people live on the food supplied by such a bountiful land. The water they drink is the juice of Prema.

The cows and tigers live together in harmony. The tiger cubs drink milk form the cow’s udder. Lion and deer drink from the same pond. The dogs and cats lay side by side in the garden. The Parijatha flowers and the trees of the celestial bird beautify and spread their fragrance through homes and gardens.

Bhagawan Baba has said, “Vaikunta is a place where there is no trace of sorrow.” Here, all are happy. When dusk falls and night comes in the twilight of the moon, people will dance the Rasaleela with the Lord. They will be immersed in bliss till the dawn breaks.

There is no education other than spiritual education. There are no sounds other than Vedic sounds.

The only world is the Sai World. The only religion is the Religion of Prema. The only language is the Language of Prema. In the Sai Chaitanya Yuga, the five elements include the following components:

1. Akasha (Space) = Ananda (Bliss) = The Lord Sai
2. Earth = Prema =  Prakrithi = Radha
3. Water = Tears in the thought of God
4. Air = Mukthi = the life breath
5. Fire = Wisdom = It burns our Karmas and destroys the seeds of re-birth

There will no need for food! Bliss is the food, Prema is the body and Sathya is the breath. Since there is no Karmic seed for birth, there is no birth or death (From Bliss, Bliss Bliss)

Difference between Kali Yuga and Sathya Yuga:

Swami told the meaning of Narakasura’s city, Praagjyothisha – pura as follows: Prag means previous, jyothi means light, sha means to forget or ignore. It is the city that has forgotten the light of the Atma.

This Kali Yuga world is the same as Praagjyothisha pura, as all have forgotten the light of the Self. Swami has brought me to change Kali into Sathya Yuga. Through my power of penance, I will make a new creation, filled with Sathya and Prema. Ordinary human qualities will not be mixed in.

All are God.
Aham Brahmasmi, I am God.
Tat Twam Asi, That I am.
Prajnanam Brahma, our Prajnana is God.

Here everyone’s prajnana functions as God. The Sathya Yuga world becomes Prajnana Jyothi Puram. Everywhere God verily pervades. Here there are no Narakas, demons; there are no naras, men. There is only Narayana, God. This is the meaning of Narakasura story. Sai Krishna and His Sathyam destroy the Narakasura, called Kali Yuga and light the Atma jyothi of the Sathya Yuga.